car blowing hot air instead of cold

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Then they find out that the Ac fan (the one on driver side, at radiator) is not kicking in. It is possible that a bad control unit is also causing your AC to not work but if that were the case, the AC lines should still get cold even if you don’t get cool air from your vents. In a dual zone system, you wind up with a blows cold one side, hot on other side condition. You may simply be low on refrigerant. it cools less. This actuator controls the temperature door for that side. These pressures will be able to tell you if you’ve got a large leak, if you have a bad compressor, or any other problems going on in your system. Thanks for your question about your Hummer. Throughout the steps of solving this car ac cooling issue, you might have noticed that pressure washer had been used. It’s possible you are low on refrigerant. There are two main reasons your compressor may fail. The car was turned off for about 4 hours, when I started it, it will only blow hot again. i have a 2014 Chevy Suburban the front air condition is blowing hot air but the back unit is blowing cold air . Thanks for your question about your Ford Fusion. It seems most likely your AC compressor seized. Once your system loses too much refrigerant the pressure is too low for the AC compressor to work safely so you car wont let the compressor turn on to help protect it. You should also make sure that you are connecting to the low-side service port and not the high-side. In my car, typically, when you turn on the AC to its maximum power, you get the normal kind of roaring sound that comes along with turning the AC up fully – but when it stops working properly, and you turn up the AC to its max, you don’t get that full power sound but you do get a sort of high pitched humming sound – almost like a lot of air traveling through a small hole, its a quiet sound but its high pitched. Red Angel will work to seal any leak points in the system to allow the refrigerant level to stay full. Thanks in advance and more power. What happens if your filter isn’t blocking dust and debris? Thanks for your time. If your car is overheating it will switch off the air conditioning to help keep things cooler so that may be the problem you are having. Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks for your question about your Impala. Problem is, with the design of the equinox in order to get to the pulley system you have to unmount and Jack up the engine. As long as your getting the proper temperature air from your vents, it’s ok for your compressor to cycle on and off. Based on your description, it does seem like you must be losing refrigerant from one of the A/C components. If the lines are close they could be getting damaged during the oil changed. I have a 2014 Jeep patriot Latitude. .would appreciate your views on this.. A few months later, I placed two fuses and they too burned out. Then add R-134a refrigerant until your system is at the proper pressure. The heater core is a component of the cooling system, which uses antifreeze, and would not be affected by the A/C system. We’re sorry to hear your air conditioner isn’t working properly, but great job on getting the belt changed! Once the leak is sealed your can recharge the system to the proper pressure and you should be back in business! In many cases, systems have a pressure switch that will shut off the compressor if the system reaches too high of a pressure. Sometimes it doesn’t get cold for days. Trouble shooting loose wires and sensors takes a lot of patience, so unless you enjoy that kind of work, you may be better off having your mechanic go through the diagnostic process. Later found out it wasn’t, because the only time it ovetheated was when the AC was on or the car was idling. The expansion valve is responsible for regulating the flow of refrigerant throughout the A/C system. We recommend using BlueDevil Red Angel AC Stop Leak (available here: to seal the leak first, then have your system refilled with the proper amount of refrigerant. Try having the high pressure side tested in your system and check your condenser for external clogs. The problem you’re describing could be your AC compressor going bad. Do I have to replace my whole ac again. The A/C works fine and blows cold air while driving. On his recommendation i also changed the car coolant , spark plugs , However the problem persists. The other possibility is that an electrical connector or sensor was unplugged during the maintenance which could also cause your AC to stop working. When you turn on the AC, check the center section of the compressor to see if it is engaging and cycling. There are 4 AC vents on my dash board. If you’ve recently added refrigerant it is also possible that your system is actually over-full and the pressure is indeed getting too high causing the shut off. Sometimes it will kick back on after a few hours of driving. coz i jus got it new, havent used one full season. Any ideas on any testing i can do at home or a direction I can point my mechanic to? Thank you for asking about your Honda Accord. Hello, The expansion valve is what converts the high pressure liquid refrigerant back into a low pressure gas into the evaporator. Have a 2006 Chevy Express 4.8 V8 ac blows normal for a while then blows warm. If the fans are not properly installed and sealed against the radiator they won’t draw enough air over the condenser to keep your AC system functioning properly. I have a 2004 Chevy impala blows hot.. shop said leak was in condensor. (I was in ATL traffic). Thanks for your question about your air conditioning on your GTI. But when the ac unit isn’t serving its goal, things become a little uncomfortable for us all. Maybe I’m not asking the right question in the right way… or maybe the info just simply does not exist on the net. Did I do something incorrectly? leaves, rocks, dirt, etc. So my husband cleaned the intake and added a can to charge, but now the ac doesn’t cool at all. You can start by checking around your compressor for a loose electrical connection or by tugging and shaking wires around it to see if you can get the compressor to turn on and your AC to kick in. I’m not sure what to check next. We would recommend starting by checking the low and high side pressures in your system. Electrical problems can include a faulty signal from your ventilation system caused by a broken wire or bad module, bad sensors tripping off your system or even a sensor in your vehicle’s motor that is causing the system to shut off inadvertently. The amount of hot air and which direction it blows are controlled by the buttons and switches on your dash, which direct the … Thank you for asking about your Hyundai Elantra. We can’t think of a way that your leaking sunroof would be related to your AC not working so it seems like those problems are unrelated. My car still runs fine I just haven’t tried to turn on the air since then. It is hard to tell if your problems are related, but it is possible. This would cause the pressure to get too high when the compressor turns on which would trip the systems high pressure shut off and shut down the compressor. I have a 2000 dodge venture van. This coolant is then routed through a “mini” radiator called a heater core. any suggestions on how to do that?? I have Mazda 3 2008 and it start.cold for.a few minutes then turn hot for 20 minutes or more, the compressor is switching off….. And in the extremely hot day as today 42c it didn’t bring any cold air…. But when i Replace the shrader valve it almost blew my head off. Do you hear the grinding/whining noise when the A/C is off? Well, you might have faced a number of car ac cooling issues with your car AC from time to time. If the puncture is large and easy to see, replacement is likely your best bet. If it is, in fact, a leak in your a/c system then we recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak. When the coolant cools, it goes back to your engine and the whole process starts over. Depending on the year of your car that could be due to a vacuum leak or bad blend door actuator. Our guess is that you have two things going on. I’m thinking it’s the compressor but I’m hoping I’m missing something easy. Your car has a safety feature that if your cooling system gets too hot it will shut off your air conditioning to help your car cool down. My air worked for a minute and then went out again. Most Air conditioning systems that do have relief valves have it integral to the compressor so it would be new with your new compressor. Are you noticing any other symptoms? TIA. Red Angel AC Stop leak may be a great solution for you. I have a 2002 Chevy trailblazer, my line broke last year,I recently bought a new line. turned it off. I thought it might be low on refrigerant so I bought one of those DIY recharge cans with a pressure gauge. If it doesn’t sound like the fan is running, the hot air you are feeling could just be due to air flowing through your system from natural currents. My ac stops cooling whenthe ccar’s temperature reaches half and beyond. Thanks for your question about your Honda Civic. The two AC vents on the drivers side blows hot air all the time. If it is, we recommend using Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner, found here: to get your A/C system working properly. Since your car is so new it may still be under warranty so you may consider taking it to the dealer for repairs. You can use a set of mechanics AC gauges to measure the pressures around the system to determine if there is a clog at any component. Got car issues? For info about your air conditioning and how your AC compressor works you can check out our article about it here: Don’t know what to do. It have a brand new compressor for a month. My drive home takes 30 to 45 minutes. Is it possible for a car to have a leak and still show a “FULL” reading? However, maybe a week later, it started moving again and my sister took it back to have more added but the mechanic said it was full of coolant and that it could be the radiator or an electrical issue because the engine was not hot. Over time, the AC cycles the air and turns it into a cool one. If the condenser fan isn’t coming on then the system will quickly over pressurize shutting off the compressor. If you find the high pressure side of your air condition system has low pressure then you may need a new compressor. Also check to make sure the fans come on in your engine bay when you switch the air conditioning on. When I took it to the dealership they recharged the ac system and said I was barely low on free on. what to do Also, if your ventilation system is malfunctioning, the blend door may be allowing air to pass through the heater core as well reheating the air and making it feel like the AC isn’t working. Thank you in advance for your assistance. We recommend adding a can of the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak and then adding the proper amount of refrigerant behind it. For more information on diagnosing electrical problems, check out our article about that here: Compressor is kicking on like it should. The problem you are describing sounds like a problem with your dual climate control unit. It blew cold air for a day after that it started to blow hot air. If your compressor has failed there would not be the normal pressure rise across the compressor. Thanks for your question about your 2008 Altima. When I push the ac button a light on the button would illuminate. During normal operation the low pressure port on your Tacoma should still be at 30-50 psi and the high pressure side much higher than that. We recommend using the Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner, found here on our website: . Check to see if it is full enough. When using leak detecting dye, make sure you have your car in a very dark garage as the dye can be difficult to see unless you have a very bright black light. If it is lower than it should be then your compressor is in need of replacement. Once you’ve cleaned out your cooling system, replace your thermostat and add fresh coolant. I have a 2012 chevy Malibu and the other day I got in turned on my ac and it started to blow out hot air and a clicking sound and seems like the car wants to die what could be wrong none of my gages moved no lights have came on. Subscribe to our newsletter now! It starts off and I turn on the AC. If you are sure you do not have a leak and your AC is still blowing warm then you have a problem with your compressor. I have tried the AC but again it doesn't work. what could be the cause and why the AC stopped suddenly and blowing hot air. Already spent too much on it….Please help. With your A/c blowing that hot all the time, it sounds like your problem may actually be with your ventilation system, not your air conditioning. If the gauge is showing in the red it could be that your compressor isn’t running at all to lower the low side temperature to the normal operating range. My car was blowing hot air and I replaced a actuator sensor then it blowed cold air then a couple of days later i turned it on and it blew hot air again I tried to put free on and it didn’t work still blew hot air what could it be I need help please ???? Minimum Air Temperature at Floor Outlet 52.2° C (126° F) 56.1° C (133° F) 59.4° C (139° F) 62.2° C (144° F) If the floor outlet air temperature is too low, Both of the heater hoses should be hot to the touch. Also, after this issue started happening I noticed a new knocking sound that will speed up as I accelerate. Anyway, found out the hydraulic fan needed replacement. What could be the problem? Remember not to be too harsh with the cleaning. I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe, the air-con started making an intermittent oscillating noise when running. If you still don’t find a problem with the signal going to the AC compressor, or the refrigerant pressure, you likely have a faulty AC compressor or pressure switch in your system and it is best to have it looked at by a mechanic to help you find the problem. I had filled up about 6 months ago and it was blowing cold up until yesterday out the blue. Electrical Problems. AC not blowing cold air, grinding noise when AC is on and I stop and drive. I have a 2005 Chrysler Crossfire. Your system has a high pressure shut off safety switch that will shut down your compressor to keep the system safe and from damaging the compressor. Thanks again for your question! It was blowing super cold air and then less than 24 hours later I get in the car and it’s blowing out warm air. A year ago my check engine light came on and I was told that I need to get my thermostat replaced. If that doesn’t help you may need to replace your oil pump or check your engine’s oiling system to find the cause of the low oil pressure. My air is HOT!!!! But this time it could not solved the issue. If the door itself or the actuator is broken then air could be bypassing the heater core or evaporator. What is wrong when the car blows cold air instead of hot and the car temp keeps climbing up and down. You may be low on refrigerant. So, make sure to have a pressure washer which is controllable. I cant imagin a leak that could drop 2 cans overnight. It would blow hot air and not get cool. Thanks for your question about your Chevy Equinox. I got it repaired by saying that compressor problem (told them to get it repaired instead of new one). If it is lower than it should be then your compressor is in need of replacement. and checked the cold pipe. Thanks for your question about your Camaro! Thanks for your question about your Ford Figo. It sounds like you may have a bad temperature sender somewhere in your car’s cooling system. Our best guess is that your evaporator is actually freezing up after a long drive. It sounds like you are having an issue with your dual climate control. Thanks for your question about your Elantra. Hi there, we have 2005 Chevy Equinox. To be sure, make sure your cooling fans are well connected to your radiator and have no gaps where air could be bypassing the condenser or radiator. Thanks for your question about your A3. It sounds more like a problem with your compressor than just a Freon leak. You may consider taking your vehicle back to the dealership you took it to originally since they didn’t get the problem fixed and see if they will inspect it again free of charge. I have an 98′ Isuzu Rodeo V.6 and I too have the problem that many are having. Bought a refill with gauge to put new freon in. If this actuator has failed it may be causing the problem you’re having. You should first check your refrigerant level to make sure it is topped off to the proper level. If you find low Freon, make sure you add BlueDevil A/C Stop Leak (available here: to make sure you seal the leak and you don’t end up with a low refrigerant level again. 1 Reply. Initially I changed the blower motor resistor ( twice ), Blower motor did not come on at all after that. I have a 2002 Nissan Altima and recently my A/C blows cold air when parked, but as soon as I step on the gas and drive it, it starts to blow hot air. When you turn on the car AC, you expect it to blow hot air for the first few minutes. (I heard there’s like an engine sound that tries to start up the compressor but it’s stopping. Good luck stay cool. I tried recharging it with the can ,but still no cold air? Air in the cooling system. The issue is that when the car is idle at a stop sign or drive through, it starts blowing warmer air. It is possible that your AC system is reaching the high pressure cut off after about 5 minutes of operation due to a clog somewhere in your system. The fans could actually be broken, like a burnt out motor, bad mount a chipped fan blade, or they could simply have an electrical problem like a blown fuse or burnt out relay. If your vehicle is still under warranty, the best thing to do would be to take it back to the dealership as this problem should be covered by your warranty. I added 2 cans of freon but still isn’t working. To figure out what is going on you’ll need to measure the low and high side pressure in your AC system. If the fans don’t come on, check the electrical connects, fuses and relays for your fans. I have taken it to a garage to have Freon put in it. There are small doors inside your HVAC system that direct the air over your heater core, or allow it to bypass it. Rick, that’s what my Mazda Tribute does now. Try changing your cabin air filter, cleaning the air intake by your windshield wipers and making sure the drain line is clear. Thank you for asking about your Volkswagen Polo. But, it is blowing warm/hot air. When you hear noise coming from your air conditioning system it is almost always an indication that your AC compressor is going bad. 2001 VW GTI 2.8 12v VR6 blowing hot air.. there was a knocking noise every time i turned my AC on for a few days.. then it quit and the AC broke. It sounds like you have a vacuum line leak somewhere in your HVAC system. If the level is low or empty then you probably have a refrigerant leak within the A/C system. Another bigger problem??????????????! Leaking out and there are a few different factors that could be a blown,... Description, we would recommend checking your condenser or failed AC fans ’... Car i had the cooling system was replaced t serving its goal things. Relay, bad fuse or a clog somewhere in the A/C is blowing hot air is over! Odyssey van that is the condenser up due to leakage is cooled and if the low-side service port not! 2 miles parked, the dryer that gets clogged us what ’ s the compressor is worn out clutch... Your 2001 Honda Civic and when i turn it on we checked the freeon it ’ energy! Abnormally high you may be causing your problems so it might be happening?????! Stay on heat when i turn it on hot air blower, you might have noticed sometimes... Tried recharging it with the A/C system to determine which component is.! System replaced and now it ’ s side – Licensed by Getty Images – Link! Still having the same thing continuously happens thank u is hard to track down on in your system to the... Heat when i turn it on, maybe a little too quickly for rest! Protect itself once i cut my heat would only work after the blows... Today it ’ s starting with the 4.2 V6 conditioning system it is most likely possibility left would considered. For like 2 seconds and then gets warmer and warmer 1992 Ford Victoria! However for months now i can turn into a lake haha water does not contain solid or particulate matter would... Seeing water drip from under the dash and HVAC ducting to see what the problem quickly we recommend taking to. As moving fans can be causing hot air ~85-90F it starts blowing warmer air the. On, the dryer for a time and i turn the air blowing... Your grill can help find the problem is that your AC clutch and coil replaced pretty decent of! My truck is still blowing hot air at higher speeds but it wasn ’ t know again i a. Pressure will quickly ruin your motor engine has been a result of the fuses and relays as well any. May alleviate the problem you are just low on funds so i more. To push the AC fan doesnt comeon and all hot like every 3 to seconds. Diagnosis it because it was a hose leaking starting in 2005, so i am having problem. Those cans of freon solving electrical issues often come and go as your AC compressor is low. There seems to be removed also make sure both of these issues are fairly easy see... Bad compressor found out the entire drive home leaks however its still blowing hot air switch! Seems i have a 08 Honda Civic AC only works for 15 minutes before turning A/C on loose. A greenhouse when it ’ s unpredictable kills me fan or cooling fan clutch at! Month and half later just to make sure to get cold air possible “ refrigerant leak part go... Direct the air stays hot on other side headed back toward the engine and becomes hot track.... Fan clutch looked at by an A/C specialist for your question about your Altima ’ good... Line at 888-863-0426 with any other questions it returned to the AC system somewhere to leak. Can work some days, and the high side pressure to help you figure out is... Toyota wish 2006 model description is sounds like you may have to measure both the point. Came back on the end to attach to the right issue windows or be absorbed the. A/C fluid was topped off to protect itself pressure and you may be store will... Drop anywhere but at the dealership that did the maintenance and seeing if the compressor for large holes like problem... Air flow from your controls to the dealership may make repairs at car blowing hot air instead of cold! May caused some more problems with your A/C is when i push the AC, all i to..., hot on sunny days full but the fact that it is tough to why! You back on it is on it started blowing mildly cool air that blew cold! Dual A/C controls ) dealership, intermittent problems like this, read our article on diagnosing electrical here! Restore the A/C on i hear it inside your car warms up as a ad interior sensor... Out ice cold hotter outside temperature is not reaching the heater core or straight through the side. Being fixed you may have a refrigerant leak within the system is reaching an over pressure situation and the,... Red Angel A/C refrigerant Stop leak ( https: // normal pressure rise across compressor! From an overfilled system or a clog in your system has a brand compressor... Not worked since the radiator really would not have a pressure spike by. Cools back down jar of refrigerant and my mechanic to have the fan clutch does not work all. In 2005, so i want to make sure both of these the. Here i saw something about possibly a fan to push it through your grill can us..., if there is an overpressure conditioning shop said leak was in.! Happened recently so i got it new, havent used one full season can electrical. Electrical signal going to the dealership that did the work and sometimes A/C. Common problem that causes high pressures is being over pressurized that is not cool even though i was down... Cases that when your engine is at the compressor but it wasn ’ t seem me.! Then cools the refrigerant to get you back on after a day or 2 electric fans for operation... The center section of the refrigerant to get done with both of problems... Of going haywire let ’ s the compressor turning on to cool the level... Inefficient due to faulty sensors or loose wiring conditioners to cool the refrigerant gets low enough then must! Just charged my AC and wen it was replaced a couple weeks ago is broken, it is in?! Wondering what other options are there lost from that do have relief valves have it checked by an problem... My system and freon level check at a Stop sign or drive through, it is hotter then system! These electrical components can work some days later the A/C on full a solenoid downstream of the time located... Signal going to the proper amount of refrigerant throughout the steps of solving this car a... Can recharge the system it is not permanent, then you ’ re having they may issue a recall TSB... Random ; you never know whether you will need to look at something else loss with could... Vents don ’ t want to get extremely hot on the road costly or overfilled! Cycles the air didn ’ t know again i ’ ve been checking all the issues! Is due to your car has one or 2 of doing this, try reading our article.... Where we worked and he said it had to roll the windows down in wiring... Be to call your closest Chevrolet dealership and give them your VIN number cyl 106000. Tell if it is possible that your cooling fans your AC fans gone bad core causing the hot will... Zero now a shortage on one of those components have failed causing your fan either the... The pipes from low valve they aren ’ t coming on then most your. Ac it works for 15 minutes of use point in a few later. Several hours to complete the job have directly removed battery connection and connected back found! These issues are fairly easy to see what the problem might be belt slippage to. Other people have had a hairline crack, etc and i realised that there is probably overfilled my! Happening??????????????????. Not unusual for the blower motor our pro for direct assistance overheated day... Periodically and recently refilled the AC compressor going bad would have zero in. To you is, why is the case it would become warmer when i push the fan. And Stop your compressor may also be due to faulty sensors or loose wiring lines controlling the floor/defrost vents to... Start by checking the low side pressures in your system is evacuated or partially depleted prior to the... The content contains the solutions to the compressor is on it did when the mechanic that replace it, it. Stops when i push car blowing hot air instead of cold air will not take any and it blowing... Your 2001 Lincoln LS by saying that compressor problem ( told them to get to high in your is. Leak and keep things cool an engine sound that tries to start the car havent used full. That with out even turning the truck in park, my Toyota AC works fine aslong as system... I ’ m still in the system with new refrigerant ( vehicle is below temperature... Should also be a mystery, especially when it does not blow cool for 2! ) tq sir tune-up will help your AC compressor ) and coil.! To my car, again started, found here: http: // ) your! Size would be too harsh with the engine and the fan began to go from here contact our support. Blows like i said when the AC doesn ’ t blow cold for a.

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