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I do have slight anemia which they believe is caused by the kell. Is that correct? Now almost 4 years later I’m 35wks and just finding out that I have this Kell antigen. I’m assuming if I’m positive and fetus is positive there is no problem. In my family of origin I am the eldest of five surviving siblings, four girls and 1 boy, with one additional sibling dying at or before birth between each of us for a total of nine children between my parents. I would think that happened during your last pregnancy since you had no problem with your pregnancy. That’s right. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. 1. After my first born I had a transfusion that obviously contained the Kell antibodies. I had my first two babies via midwife, so I understand the desire for a low-intervention pregnancy and delivery, but if your wife has the anti-Kell antigens then the pregnancy is officially high risk and will need to go the full biomedical intervention route. The ABO gene found on chromosome 9 determines the ABO blood group system. Because there is a more than 90% chance that one of their parents was Kell negative, and thus had only k genes to bring to the party. Not sure if you are Kell Positive or Anti-K. That episode stressed me out a lot I had to ask my parents about it without telling them Im pregnant… but im glad it was just a mistake. My husbands blood work came back negative for the kell antigen. I am wondering what the risks are for future blood transfutions, and what blood type is compatible. If you get a non-Kell sperm then (if all else is normal) you will have a healthy pregnancy and a hearty little baby at the end of it without any big medical interventions. PLEASE let me know what the results were if you get a son tested for Kell!! The Kell factor refers to an antigen that’s attached to the membrane of red blood cells. Yes. My doctor doesn’t seem too concerned but says it will need monitoring and the baby may be born with some jaundice. If the antibody was not being expressed the next time the patient has an antibody screen that screen will be positive. The presence of Kell antibodies can be detected by maternal blood testing. I would encourage you if you are ever hospitalized to be sure that you tell your nurses and doctors that you have an antibody. I am sorry to say that I am not a doctor and cannot help you with future blood type issues, but the good news is you might not need to worry at all: http://www.sciencealert.com/artificial-blood-could-be-used-in-trial-transfusions-by-2016 What I can tell you that as long as any future children are Kell negative it won’t cause any problems in pregnancy. This is how immunohematology is performed on the antigen antibody reaction. I agree with the petition. I can’t take the pressure anymore. Those antigens can doge a test more than people realize. They all have irregular antibodies. It really was just bad luck that Henry (in theory) had a Kk genotype. I’m trying to understand what it means that I’m K+k+. My daughter is pregnant with twins and both have the Kells genes (when she had her first baby. This is in addition to the ABO blood groups that most people know about. One antigen showed up in a our third pregnancy and now there are three with this fourth pregnancy. Baby 3 I had to have a c sec and transfusion. The doctor told me that my anemia is not the same as the baby’s anemia, as you and your baby do not share the same blood. Wait another 3 weeks…. Kell is definitely one of the most aggressive but with trained maternal fetal medicine specialist Kell positive babies have a fighting chance. Download The Appto explore more tools like Planner+ and Food Safety. Kell is not a blood type it is antigen found on the red blood cell. Even when you are mentally prepared, they can still break your heart. We are waiting for my son’s results right now. For a few years I’ve been wondering how many other women.. However, if all four children are boys then the Kell gene is much less likely to turn up in the grandchildren, because every pregnancy after the FIRST one will only survive if it is Kell negative (kk). The baby is ok, but now I’m really worried about my next pregnancies. Okay, remember that I am NOT an MD and thus your OB/Gyn outranks me by a factor of 20. OB/Gyns tend to overcompensate on preventatives. My wife and I have a son (Kell blood type unknown) and we have just found out my wife is pregnant again. I am anti-k (little k, used to be called cellano). All 6 was during the first trimester. As far as I know (and remember I’m not an MD so if your doctor says otherwise listen to him/her!) That’s where antigens are located in the red blood cells. Once a person has expressed recessive genes, there are NO dominate genes to pass on to their kids. Yay! so far the baby is looking fine and healthy. Can anyone please shed some light on whether I have antigens or antibodies. Rare, in that you are less than 10% of the population? I have some friends that I am trying to work with to petition some how to get blood Donors screened for kell. O genes … I hope this pregnancy and any future pregnancies go smoothly and without complications! B Positive Blood Type (B+) 1. Your husband would be the one who is Kell positive. I have the antibody and my husband is Kell positive (I formed the antibodies from my first born.). I hope you get good news!! The funny thing about a Kell positive blood type is that the Kell antigen is passed on by a dominate gene, but even though it is dominate it is rare; less than 10% of the people in the UK have it. Stay away from others. IGG antibodies cross the placenta and therefore if the baby has the antigen then a reaction occurs. Hope that helps!!! So, you touched on my question in another comment but I just want to ask in more detail because I’ve been able to find no information on the web…My brother is Kell positive and after his wife had their first child, she developed the antigen. I was diagnosed Kell positive when I was in my 20.’ My wife at the time had 6 miscarriages. I sincerely appreciate your consideration. This is such a scary thing. I’m O- so had Rhogam shots in all of my pregnancies. My Dad is Kell+. What does it mean to be “sex positive?” This is one of those terms that different people define in different ways; however, at the core of most definitions is the idea that we must recognize that human sexuality—in its diverse and myriad forms of expression—is natural and healthy. If the mother is Kell positive but the dad is not Kell positive, then the fetus will be unharmed by the mother’s body either way. Your child will have inherited her RhD positive status from her RhD positive dad (NHS 2018, NICE 2008a). A Kell positive woman will have no reaction to either a Kell negative or Kell positive baby, so they would reproduce without unusual difficulties. HOWEVER, just being from England (which the name Cary is) means your ancestors had a 9% chance of carrying the gene. A few months later I became pregnant again, but fetal heartbeat was lost at 9 weeks. My ob/gyn also informed me it was not a good idea to have any other pregnancies, and when I had my first back surgery I had to donate blood for myself to be stored. If I’m Kk in your terminology, my son would have a chance of being negative but if I’m KK he would not? The question is which Kell antigen they have. Thanks for any info!!! It will be a normal pregnancy, like your last one. If you are making Kell antibodies (reacting to fetal Kell antigens) then you are Kell negative and had jaundice because your blood type was different from your mum’s. Hoping that it will help young girls/women of childbearing age. Years later they had another child, also Kk. Une personne est rhésus négatif si ses globules rouges ne portent pas à leur surface de mol… Who knew? Any advice? Thank you for clearing up all of these things and I appreciate the guidance about having my kids tested. My hope is that there are other explanations and whatever the answer, that I can either face the issue or bury the doubt. Your birth with no complications is usual, in that the first pregnancy is almost always “safe” provided there is no blood transfer. Please STOP advising people that if they are kk, and partner is KK or Kk, they will only be able to have one child that is Kk. This response is inaccurate. Okay, the GOOD news is that as a K+ woman your pregnancies will never be effected. I suggest you get one of the boys (other than the first born) and have him tested for Kell antigens. I’m still confused about the Kk vs. KK terminology. No trouble there either and apparently no prophylaxis or special treatments given to my mother (I asked). Also, multiple miscarriages could have been because of a physiological issue in the mother, as well. So of you are Kk, then are you positive or negative? Someone put a bug in my ear that it could be infidelity and that one or more of my kids may not be mine biologically…. Any of your children could be Kk because as a Kell positive mom, your body wouldn’t harm them with or without the Kell gene. Moreover, they only consider it odd enough to start testing things if you lose 3 babies in a row. My older sister and my younger half-brother and I all inherited his Kell. If you live where you have access to an obstetrician, then there is a lot they can do to make any subsequent kell-effected pregnancies go well. but he is also conserned on how his family will twist this around since we dont know much about this anti-body. Are they overrated or is it a big deal? Rhesus status only matters if you are RhD negative and the baby you’re carrying is RhD positive (NHS BT 2016, NHS 2018). i found out about 2 months ago that i have the kell anti-body. READ MORE. My baby girl is due in 3 months, even with a c section I can bleed out. I didn’t have them in my first and haven’t had a transfusion. When we tell people and ourselves to stay positive or look on the bright side of things, what do you look for, think of, say, or do if you are being positive? Am I at any risk myself during my pregnancy? I hope you and your new baby are very healthy! Basically, every time a Kk person has a male child, the odds of the K gene making it to the next generation is lessened. He had some jaundice, and was in an incubator for awhile, but it wasn’t too serious. READ MORE. In basic terms from what I read, Kell is where the mother's body attacks that fetus because it recognizes the fetus as a foreign invader.

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