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In this welcome email example by Huit Denim, you can see how the brand has an entirely different approach. Welcome emails can solidify long-term relationships. Due to advanced integration, all our emails are ESP-friendly, in other words, they are editable after export. A welcome email is the very first email (after the double opt-in email) your new subscriber or customer receives. As an update, our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Manager signature _____ Welcome Email to New Employee Sample 7. Helpful and informative, this is the first email of a great onboarding sequence that converts! Start designing your very own welcome email that WOWs using our intuitive drag & drop editor. KISSmetrics combines its welcome message with a personal touch. For those familiar with Katie Carson’s videos (like myself), this welcome wagon also carries a bit of her personality, making the welcome message more effective and vibrant. Along the way, we’ll explain why they WOW new subscribers and suggest some welcome email ideas that you can apply to your email marketing strategy. So, now you can reread Mint Mobile’s copy in his voice. The color scheme leaves no doubt about who this Ancestry email is from. If you want to make a great first impression, you need to make sure that your first email reflects your brand to the fullest. Matching the subject line and the content of the email is a must. Why? We got you! The subject line of Email: Welcome to the (Name of Company) Dear (Employee Name), Congratulations! Need a quick template to get started? Just use the welcome email itself to get more valuable information from your email subscribers by simply letting them select their email preferences. Of course, the promise of not spamming them is also something that not many welcome email examples have. The purpose of your welcome email is to greet your new subscribers. After writing for a bunch of companies over the years, I discovered my professional passion—helping add some humanity to B2B marketing. The software calls new subscribers to take a survey, a handy tool to boost your segmentation efforts and deliver more targeted content. As the first email to your recipients, the welcome email is a great place to set the stage for your brand with design, tone, and a little story about your company. Sometimes it’s better to focus on the benefits or experience from using your product or service. All you need is to register for a free account! Subject line: You’re in. This simple yet important addition is what will make IKEA’s email stand out in their subscriber’s inbox. Have you heard the saying "You never get a second chance at a first impression?"   Tip: Your welcome email is like a first date. Our drag & drop editors for newsletters and automation workflows make it simple to include these best email marketing practices in your campaigns. We’ve written a guide about email subject lines best practices that you can apply to your welcome emails, but we also recommend testing your subject line ideas to see what works best. You can customize this email template from Moosend to deliver a focused welcome email that converts. Nerd Marketing piques curiosity by explaining that signing up with them means something about you. Stripo is an email template builder that knows exactly what its audience wants to see in its first email. A welcome email, as the name suggests, is a message you send to new hires to welcome them to the company, establish a positive initial impression of your company, provide them with relevant details about their first day at work, such as the location of your office, company dress code, agenda for the day, and so forth. A welcome email is sent immediately to thank your subscriber, introduce yourself, provide a call to action AND give the legally required mailing address. He follows the welcome message with a CTA. Welcome on board! You can find this template in Moosend’s email template library. Then, all you need to do is customize and export your welcome creation to your favorite ESP. Also, it’s worth mentioning that while this email has numerous CTAs, Shopify’s main button is purple to lead attention to the most important action and guide users to the next step. Beautiful and sweet, this welcome message is all Partake’s new customers want to see when they open their inbox. Try a bunch of approaches and test them to see which one gives you a better than average open rate. Well, the company has turned their welcome message into a short welcome video that’s enough to make new subscribers feel super-welcome. One of the most beautiful examples of how to introduce the brand and the product itself is a welcome email from AWAY. MOO has one of the best welcome email examples to please the eye. They’re humble and even willing to suggest another solution for your needs! These emails can work for both big and small business. New employee welcome email. Don’t make this too formal, but be sure to strike a professional tone. Lastly, the subject line is very straightforward, showing new subscribers the benefit and boosting the brand’s open rate! Super Mario makes this welcome email newsletter instantly recognizable! As you can see, Skullcandy’s email is very short. A welcome email sequence is all about the flow of your content. Home Chef uses its brand cleverly to deliver a delicious welcome message that’s engaging and inspiring. I'm Jonas, Content Manager at MailerLite. Then we’ll finish with how welcome email subject lines can make a difference between a ho-hum welcome email campaign and a winning one. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. Be inviting and encouraging with your recipients! What could it be? This Amazon email is targeted to people who’ve already purchased books on branding and communication. Introduce subscribers to your social media channels. They’ll get to experience another side of your brand and learn... 3. The welcome email contains the important details I need as a new user of the tool. It's your chance to let them know more about you, your business and what they can expect. Sample welcome email to new employees. Food52. It is important to have a subject line with a branded “from” and the word “Welcome” in a welcome email. That makes a welcome email series your best chance to introduce yourself, show people how you can help — and even make a sale. To help you create an effective welcome email, we’ve highlighted 10 effective examples.   Tip: A controlled sprinkling of emojis helps to break the monotony of a welcome email. And don’t forget to WOW them with your welcome email subject lines! Email Design Nataly Birch • April 07, 2020 • 8 minutes READ A first impression counts in almost all situations, and email marketing is no exception. For IKEA, the easiest way to do it is by inserting the subscriber’s name! It contains a link to a login page. However, this allows us to distinguish between B2B and B2C welcome campaigns where messages are more elegant and helpful rather than promotional. The use of the brand’s colors gives a nice touch to the campaign and makes it more appealing. More specifically, the “Shop now” CTA aims at leading new customers to MOO’s product pages, the “Contact us” gives a line of communication between the company and customer and the “Read more” offers more information. Subject line: Welcome to the Velasca family. So, if you want to replicate its example, make sure to create high-quality visuals as well! For example, if your signup form included fields for their interests, you can use that information within your welcome emails. It may contain an invitation to a product or service, a free sample, a greeting for personal outreach, a … Roger Jones 12 Main Street Business City, NY 54321 555-555-5555 Roger.Chang@email.com. Please log in again. And when it … This is the welcome email that you get when you sign up for Optimizely ’s 2016 testing toolkit.. For companies, leaving a first impression is very important. And if you need more examples and design tips, make sure to click on the button on the right to get 30 more amazing welcome examples! 15 best welcome email examples 1. The welcome email should make the service or app clear as a bell and make the next interaction option really clear and valuable. A welcome email is the perfect medium for introducing folks to the characteristics (and... 2. By asking a question in the subject line, the reader will open the email if they want to answer it. Subject line: You’re officially a part of the Moosend family! The powerful synergy of email marketing and social proof helps build stronger relationships! To give you a helping hand, here are some quick welcome email templates you can use to set your welcome strategy in motion! In this welcome email by Royalty Soaps, you can see how the brand treats each member of their email list as a VIP. Sometimes the tiniest of elements in a welcome email can speak volumes about a brand. Josie Maran Cosmetics. Virgin America. Bonjoro’s email campaign is like no other. Adidas augments their welcome message with an acknowledgment that the recipient is now included in a special community. To get access, you’ll need to create a free Moosend account, and then you’re ready to go. First, decide whether an email or letter is the best option. It includes my username. for Stellar Results. So give them a good reason not to click unsubscribe! Welcome to the team email sample. After all, according to this report, welcome emails already have a high open and click-through rate. The email includes a clear list of... 3. Before diving into the welcome emails subject lines, let’s see a few welcome email design examples to put subject lines in context so you understand how to line up your subject line and the email. Let’s be honest; more or less, all welcome emails look similar to one another. When someone gives you their contact information, it’s like a handshake. We look forward to … Keep your welcome emails on brand and a direct reflection of your website. This way, the brand builds trust with new subscribers and gives them an idea of its vision. After all, that’s all new Skullcandy customers want to look like with their new cool headset! What I liked in this welcome email: It tells me the key things I can do with NPM. This communication could be a subscription confirmation or, in some cases, a post-purchase email. How to Create a Welcome Email Series in 3 Simple Steps. However, we aren’t done yet! And now, let's wrap up our blog post about the best welcome email examples out there. Say “you” instead of “I.” If you tell your customer “I want, I feel, I … How to write welcome emails — with 10 great examples. This way new subscribers may be curious to connect the dots and try it for themselves. For experienced email marketers, this is a piece of cake! To make a statement, MasterClass turns their welcome email CTA into a big attention grabber. Roll out the red carpet! To help you create an effective welcome email, we’ve highlighted 10 effective examples. It gives you the chance to make a good first impression. If you asked for your subscriber’s name or other information when they signed up, now is the ideal time to use it. A welcome aboard letter serves to confirm the new employee's status and start date and lets them know that they are already an integral part of the team. [Start date, e.g. The opening sentence of the letter comes after the greeting and should include a welcome message to the customer. Syed Balkhi
 of OptinMonster takes an inclusive approach with a promise of insider information and advice. Although it sounds technical, automating emails with MailerLite is not complicated at all as this video shows. Jonas15 min readTips and resourcesJuly 6, 2020. The HelpCrunch template is designed to set up welcome email messages. Besame’s email campaign is a prime example of how you can use your first email to give your audience more reasons to buy from you. But don’t be afraid to think out of the box and find new ways to connect. Furthermore, the friendly tone and clear CTA make this an effective welcome email example to increase the hotel’s open rate and conversion rate in a breeze. Sample Reply to Welcome Email For New Employee – As an Existing Team Member. Now, let’s get this welcome party started! The HelpCrunch template is designed to set up welcome email messages. Secondly, the brand uses this email to show who they are, turning them from a faceless company to a brand with a face and voice. Dear “ new employee name”, Welcome to the company name — we are eager to have you onboard and anticipate seeing you on your beginning date of “Date”. This welcome email is one of the best things you can create to amaze your new subscribers. Subject line: A warm welcome to Four Seasons. You can extend this logic to your sender name as well to make things even more personal -- our welcome email comes from "Pamela, HubSpot Blog," for instance. Of course, the black background and white copy also create a balanced result that will incentivize new customers to click. Next week or Next Monday], [number of new employees, e.g. The company grabs the opportunity to highlight the perks in bullet form and bold letters to show subscribers the immediate benefit. To get better open rates like MFMG, make sure to create effective email subject lines! Research has shown that welcome emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than standard marketing emails. Need to make an excellent first impression but don’t know how? Inspired so far? Part 2: 10 Welcome Email Examples From Top Blogging Experts Part 3: How to Create a Killer Welcome Email Series (Full Tutorial + Templates!) Your regular work shift is from (starting time) to (ending time). Finally, the company provides users with additional information about how to set up their new accounts through the Moosend Academy and Help Centre. So, how do you write an email subject line that WOWs like these welcome email examples? No matter which approach you decide to take, the aim of your welcome emails should be to focus on your customer, whether you’re providing more information on your product or sending free content. Of course, not every brand can do this, especially those with huge email lists. Set the right expectations for your email marketing campaign and deliver. First of all, this welcome email series is very visually-oriented, using the brand’s mascot to attract attention and please the eye. First of all, the subject line of their welcome message includes emojis, a great practice to get higher open rates! When you hear about the Four Seasons, all you think about is luxury,... 3. It’s unclear how they will do it, which is why you’ll open the email to see. This subject line uses both the sender and the recipient's real name. How to write welcome emails — with 10 great examples. As the first email to your recipients, the welcome email is a great place to set the stage for your brand with design, tone, and a little story about your company. If you hide it or don’t add a splash of color to make it stand out, then your new subscribers won’t click on it. Perhaps, an incentive, a personal message or something that creates curiosity or urgency. If you asked for your subscriber’s name or other information when they signed up, now is the ideal time to use it. If you’re going with a letter, read on for some tips and templates. The bundled perks is enough to warm the heart of any Nintendo fan, Nintendo’s use of colors, icons and tone of voice communicate their unique brand, PrettyLitteThing immediately feels like your BFF with their sassy headline, pink unicorns and lingo, They nail it perfectly by speaking and appealing to their target audience, Bring out the pina colada! It may seem obvious, but a welcome email should come from an actual person. Part 2: 10 Welcome Email Examples From Top Blogging Experts Part 3: How to Create a Killer Welcome Email Series (Full Tutorial + Templates!) A great welcome template you can easily customize to suit your brand. Starting with their first email, you can see how the company favors high-quality newsletter images and a short copy to increase its engagement rate. It’s raining welcome email examples! The visual of the man using the product brings the product to life and makes a great first impression. We are very happy to have you as a part of our team. Your CTA is the most important thing in your email. Leaving a positive name for yourself is sure to help you survive and progress in the industry. This article is part 2 of 3 of my welcome email series. Remember, you can do it only once. This concludes our best welcome email examples. Want to read more about welcome emails and how they're used elsewhere? Customer.io analysed 50 welcome email examples to create this classification. Beautiful and elegant, this welcome message is what a Four Seasons subscriber/guest needs to see! It’s not rocket science; it’s just good manners. Send jobs to 100+ job boards with one submission Post Jobs for FREE. This Amazon email is targeted to people who’ve already purchased books on branding and communication. This way, newcomers can see the variety of products offered and quickly visit the category they are interested in. These emails can work for both big and small business. The reminder email isn’t exactly a welcome email, but it’s an important follow-up to make if your initial welcome email didn’t inspire any action. No problem. You can easily integrate Stripo with Moosend to export your favorite templates to the ESP and then use the platform to deliver your welcome messages to your audience. Welcome to the team! Your welcome email is the first step to truly connecting with your audience and sets the tone for your entire relationship. Here’s an example of a new member welcome email: Dear [new member’s name], Thank you so much for becoming a member of [association’s name]! To make a great first impression, the brand opts for a segmented email design containing all the relevant information new subscribers want to see. Send jobs to 100+ job boards with one submission Post Jobs for FREE. Email is the perfect place to start! From the visuals to the single-column layout, Shopify has created an engaging email to help new store owners succeed. Welcome email examples. Suppose you’re running B2B email marketing. I’ve worked at [company] for [time]. The welcome email should reflect the personality and culture of your company, while keeping it basic and clear. You can also find this template in Moosend’s template library, along with more template examples. Below, you’ll see various welcome email marketing examples from B2C and B2B businesses that stand out. As part of your onboarding process, it’s important that all of your new employees get a warm welcome. You can click on the hyperlinked text to skip straight to the section of your choice. [Start date, e.g. While this welcome message from Descript might not seem visually exciting enough to be considered “swipe worthy,” there’s an art to writing a welcome email that explains how to use a service in less than 70 words long.. As they say, nothing worth doing is easy–and writing short emails is certainly worth it. It contains a link to a page I can reset my password in case I’d forgotten it. Most communications nowadays happen via email, since it’s quicker and more convenient, but an official letter can add an air of authority and care for high-value customers. TULA uses an incentive to create interest. Shorten your sales cycle the intelligent way, Cart Abandonment, Welcome Emails and more. But that’s not all. It contains a link to a login page. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.   Tip: You don’t always have to feature your product prominently in your welcome email. In fact, welcome emails sent in real-time can lead to more than 10x the transaction rates and revenue per email over batched welcome mailings! But what if you don't have any data to kickstart personalization of your welcome emails? It only takes 10 minutes to craft a thoughtful welcome email to new employees so it is time well spent. All rights reserved. Say “you” instead of “I.” If you tell your customer “I want, I feel, I … If you want to get more clicks and opens, make sure to add urgency. Furthermore, the green CTA also works perfectly, while the social media buttons invite its email list to follow the company for more content and better engagement. All of these subject lines do a good job establishing a welcome message while adding something a little extra to describe the email content. It's important to always include your actual signature and not a computer-generated signature or stamp to personalize the letter. If you want to replicate IKEA’s email, start with an equally converting welcome subject line. If you don’t deliver on your promise, your subscriber will feel cheated and most likely unsubscribe immediately. It contains a link to a page I can reset my password in case I’d forgotten it.   Tip: Instead of starting with the hard sell, deepen the relationship by inviting them to connect on social media. However, within a few lines, the brand manages to deliver a compelling message. It can be as simple as a line of text, or you can get creative and use images or GIFs. As you can see, the email has a very personalized subject line using my username and Shopify store name. Letters may include onboarding paperwork, either printed out, attached, or linked to in an email, for example. So check out these welcome email examples and best email subject lines for more inspiration, and send an email that’ll boost your overall email engagement and build connections with email subscribers by using these 6 tips to craft the perfect message. If your brand has a particular goal or supports a cause, you should make sure your new subscribers know it. Due to advanced integration, all our emails are ESP-friendly, in other words, they are editable after export. 2010 - 2021 © MailerLite. Intro email – send as soon as a new member joins your facility using the above gym welcome email template. A welcome email is the first email you send to new subscribers, customers or users. Takeaways for an effective welcome email campaign. Need to make a great first impression? Subject line: How does Airbnb work? If you need a helping hand, make sure to use a subject line tester to see how your subject line will perform! This email is a good place to re-share the login URL, include information on how to use the product, and offer training resources to new users. In this example by Cox & Cox, you can see how the brand boosts its message with a nice visual that invites them to get comfortable and start shopping. Prospects convert to leads and opt-in for your email list to receive the PDF file. Exporting welcome email template. For that, make sure to consult your email subject line tester to create the Mr. Darcy of subject lines! Thank you! First thing’s first, welcome new subscribers and say “thank you” for opting in to receive your emails. More specifically, red is one of the best CTA colors you can use to make your button the star of your email and increase your click-through rate. Next, we analyzed several successful subject lines and noticed a common structure. September 1, 2019. Takeaways for an effective welcome email campaign. To help you get involved, here are a few events we have planned over the next couple of months: [List upcoming events here] Welcome emails should include a personal greeting. And to make sure that Canva’s email list will engage with the rest of their campaigns, the company adds a little message at the end that more tips are on the way. The hotel has transformed its email copy into a letter/invitation coming from the Four Seasons President. With all these in your marketing toolbox, you’ll manage to create a successful welcome email sequence to convert your new customers. What to Include in a Welcome Letter If you're sending a letter, begin with your contact information, the date, and the new employee’s contact information. At first glance, Moosend’s welcome email design might not look as fancy as you’d expect. Our welcome email, for example, currently comes from yours truly because I manage our blog's email subscriptions. Research has shown that welcome emails have higher open rates and click-through rates than standard marketing emails. For Adored Vintage, this email example hits all the right notes right from the start. This welcome email has two goals. SEMrush’s welcome message adds a warm sentiment without getting too personal. Here’s Your Free User Manual For Creativity. A great welcome email should have a personalized welcome subject line. The 9 Best Email Marketing Services in 2021 [Free and Paid], 57 Newsletter Ideas To Fire Up Your Marketing Inspiration In 2020, 14 Email Drip Campaign Examples To Steal Today, The copy and friendly tone work perfectly with the subject line, Guides new users to the next step through a new section, High-quality visuals that nurture the audience, Elegant email design that’s super easy to navigate, Promise not to spam the email list with unnecessary emails, Friendly tone that increases the email’s click-through rate, Delicious visuals that reflect the product, Clean email design that guides recipients, Special discount code for first-time buyers, Cleverly introduces subscribers to Canva’s onboarding sequence, Colorful visuals that show the platform’s capabilities, Brightly-colored CTA that attracts attention, Emoji-infused subject line for better open rates, First-order discount to motivate new customers, Short brand introduction to make it relatable, Clear CTA and unsubscribe button at the end, Use of multiple CTAs to convince new email subscribers, Help section at the end of the welcome message, Follow-up email with details about the plans, Unique email design that reflects the brand, Clear button for unsubscribing from the list, Short copy that has the right amount of urgency, Email copy looks like it’s a personal email from the co-founder, Free digital manual to inspire subscribers, Unique and different from other welcome messages, Instant value in the form of a 15% discount, Free shipping and warranty build trust in the brand, The brand shares its vision with its new subscribers, Subscribers can win an amazing $200 gift card, Subscribers can see the perks at first glance, Great use of white space and brand colors, The survey makes the welcome email all about the subscriber, Brilliant use of the product and welcome sequence, Email subscribers feel like acknowledged by the brand, Beautiful email layout highlighting the perks, Visuals that trigger an emotional response, Multiple CTAs leading to IKEA’s landing page, An engaging layout that boosts engagement, High-quality email visuals featuring the product, Use of color to make the email design pop, Using black, white, and red create a converting result, Offers recommendations to inspire and engage new learners, Fully personalized subject line and email copy, Single-column layout to guide new customers, Use of social proof to build trust with the brand, Social media buttons to boost its engagement rates, Offers a line of communication with the brand.

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