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It isn’t just a mindless drone though, as it’s hyper intelligent and able to switch between four different forms. Nonetheless, here are the best of the Pokédex, our top 100 Pokémon. Pokémon GO's Tier List. It gained a cult following nearly overnight due to its strange eyes and apparent aloofness. One look at this awkward blue blob and you can tell something is just a little…off. Mega Gengar is extremely powerful in both games, with heightened speed making it even harder to pin down. Besides the myriad of Pokedex entries that point out the sheer power Nidoking can muster from it’s tail alone, this Pokemon was also a favorite of Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket and the final gym leader players would face on their first journey. Usually tanky Pokémon try to avoid any status ailments they can but Gliscor actually benefits from it. Top 10 Most Evil Pokemon Malamar In our ranking of the creepiest Pokemon, the Ghost-Type inevitably reigned supreme, and odds are that Dark-Type ‘mons will … They have stats that range from 600 up to 720, and some even have Form Changes, Mega Evolutions or Primal Reversions. This blue canine was also featured in its own movie as well as on the cover for Pokkén Tournament. Its no wonder why it won a popularity contest in Japan during a promotional event during 2016. The armor that covers Glalie’s face is proof of its prowess over ice. A strange byproduct of this design is when two Wobbuffet fighting can go on forever, with neither landing a killing blow, even when using Struggle. Pokémon has been a worldwide phenomenon but it was never reflected in the games. Rotund and lazy, Snorlax was the heaviest Pokémon for years until it was rolled off its throne in Ruby/Sapphire. Its ability Strong Jaw powers up any move that uses the mouth which fits right in with this T-Rex royalty. There is certainly no shortage of legendary Pokemon on this list, but Heatran is exceptional for other reasons. Poor Slowpoke here has gotten the short end of the stick, being referred to as the “dopey” Pokémon and being the constant butt of jokes. It only has 1 hit point though so it’s not terribly game changing but it’s just kooky enough to make it onto this list. This predicament is one Team Rocket finds themselves in every week now, as Bewear hugs have replaced their trademark exit of blasting off into the sky. Already quite a contender in its regular form, Rayquaza can Mega Evolve from knowing a certain move, allowing it to still hold an item to boost it even further. The fully evolved form of Dratini, Dragonite can circle the globe in just 16 hours meaning it can go as fast as Mach 2. Among all legendary Pokémon, Giratina may not be the biggest, but it is definitely the most edgy. This bucktooth beavis gets the award for dorkiest Pokémon of all time. In Sun/Moon players must literally travel across the land, searching far and wide for the various cells that make up Zygarde in order to obtain this legendary beast. With new combatants and game modes, champions come and go with each update. Lucario deals damage based on how much it’s been hurt and whether it’s winning or losing making it the ultimate comeback character. Bigger and better than before, the second generation introduced 100 excellent and memorable additions to the Pokemon library, along with two new Pokemon types, and a … This Pokemon is allowed in most competitive rulesets due to it’s lower stats and 4x weakness to Ground moves. Fairy types almost put a stop to this reign of terror, but then Mega Sableye’s ability Magic Bounce made it one of the most reliable support Pokémon to use in the Uber tier. So not only can this regal reptilian laugh in the face of any opponent that tries to lower it stats, Serperior can also use powerful moves that normally weaken the user like Leaf Storm with reckless abandon. Starting off as a pathetic Magikarp, only the most persistent trainer can pull the potential out of that floppy fish and turn it into a terror of the deep. Houndoom 15/147 Aquapolis (Rare Holo) $200.00. If not the global phenomenon it once was, Pokémon GO! Click here for the Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire listings. Sporting four arms and skin that looks like pants, this Pokémon along helped instill the importance of trading in this series. After this ridiculous start, it was revealed that Serperior can have the hidden ability known as “Contrary,” which makes things that normally lower its stats to raise them instead. 27. Sure there are still a few that can hit this menace but it’s they’re specialized and are usually thrown away in favor for Earthquake, a stronger ground move. -Legendary Beat-Infinity Zone-Explosive Walker-Rebellious Clash-Sword-Shield-Tag All Stars-Pokémon VS; Japanese Promos-S Promos-SM Promos; This listing is for the Generation IV games. A 4x weakness to ice moves keeps this from being too overpowered but otherwise this solid tank can stall for as long as it needs to. Without spoiling too many plot details, these creatures are quite powerful, both in the lore and combat. Some Pokédex entries are just too creepy to ignore. 8 Rayquaza (23 Feet) One foot over Origin Forme Giratina is the legendary … If every school needs a delinquent then Pangoro is definitely late for class. Beauty and grace hit your face with this Psychic/Fairy hybrid. Arcanine’s Pokédex entries are one of the only ones to reference a real place, saying that it appears to be a legendary Pokémon in China. Throughout the years, there has been much talk of Legendary Pokémon. Including the yet-to-be-released Legendary Pokemon! This unexpected strategy didn’t last long as Dark types were introduced in the next set of games, but it was integral during Pokémon’s formative years, teaching players to think outside the box to create the amazing plays we see to this day. After it hatched it would almost always do one of two things: use Metronome or cry. Blissey’s contribution has been a tank since its debut in 1999 and it’s been one of the strongest contenders ever since. This sprite block could be above level 100 and when it was caught it would completely rewrite your Hall of Fame data. Castform managed to communicate that quite well with adorable transformations depending on the current weather in-game. Their category exists within the game code for the purpose of battle regulations and display in the Alola Pokédex, but has no official name. It’s no slouch in combat being considered viable even now and one of the most hotly contested characters in Pokkén Tournament. The only way you can acquire this dead-eyed ghost bug is by having an empty slot in your party while evolving a Nincada. It was so sought after in the Pokémon world that scientists attempted to clone it, resulting in the creation of Mewtwo. Top 100 Most Expensive Cards (Rare Cards) Last Updated - Jan 17 2021 at 4:21 AM All Common Uncommon Rare ... Pokémon Breeder 102/110 Legendary Collection (Rare) $4.50. Aegislash is one of the only Pokémon that can cause a match to go on forever since it can learn both King’s Shield and Protect, which nullify all physical damage. Still only one of them is still used to this day, with Zapdos able to take on a powerful role on any team thanks to its Electric typing which is also the reason it can technically beat the other two in a fight. Its power was then brought to another level with the release of Mega Evolutions. While the original monster goes on to become a Ninjask, the skin that it molted becomes Shedninja, the only Bug/Ghost Type. The Top 100 Pokémon. This Pokémon raises the trees in a forest with loving care.” Sceptile received 38,724 votes. This adorable Totoro impersonator was the original roadblock that blocked players progress. That didn’t stop a ton of Trainers catching it, with rumors as to what it was spreading like wildfire. Not just 10, but 20 Pokemon we will examine! If that wasn’t scary enough, it uses the same trick to surprise prey only instead their despair spills onto the sand and becomes the offspring for this terror of the beach. The Pokémon series is constantly evolving with new legendary Pokémon to capture. In this unbridled chaos a joke arose from the amount of times everyone would accidentally go into the inventory and check the Helix Fossil. Although it can evolve into the mighty Rhyperior, it’s hard to forget just how influential Rhydon was to the series. It is still a brutal monster known for pinning down prey with its four arms while it eats its victim with the mouth on its stomach. Anyone who turned on a Gameboy to start playing the original Pokémon knows of Gengar’s might as it slashed at Nidorino during the intro. Players of the original generation of Pokémon games didn’t have a lot of options when it came to knocking out Psychic types. Rank Nat No. Each Legendary Pokémon has an aspect of lore behind it that you can discover in the game. This giant purple rat may seem like nothing more than an annoyance, but it inspired one of the most ridiculous strategies to ever grace the Pokemon series. These factors have banned it from everything but the most high tier play, where it faces off against legendaries and other powerful Pokémon. Plenty of Pokémon seem to be able to summon a cataclysmic event, but Tyranitar’s Pokédex entries make it sound like rampaging kaiju. Starting with just the 5 Legendary Pokémon in Generation 1, as of Generation VII there are 81 different Legendary Pokémon. And in this very article, we will go over the Top 20 Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO. He’s been playing Pokémon for far too long and can’t wait for his next trip to Japan so he can finally buy that life-sized Bulbasaur. Pokemon Youtube Channels Best List. This tactic is important as competitive fights can become drawn out as each team slowly gets chipped away. Like Charlie Brown, Psyduck doesn’t win in the end, but Psyduck also never gives up. It is also one of the first to have an assigned gender along with Nidoqueen, as this mechanic wasn’t implemented until the next generation of games. In this spin-off game Chandelure is a potent threat, hitting foes from afar with debuffs before absorbing their souls with its finishing move Final Flicker. The original strongman of the Pokémon world, Machamp is a monster like no other. This cataclysmic clash is one of the most riveting in the series with plenty of renditions both animated and in-game. This frustrates some trainers, but it admittedly adds to the feelings of awe when obtaining them. The cuddliest Pokémon you ever saw, Altaria is as soft as a pillow to Trainers it’s comfortable with. To the player not thinking outside of the box a Pokémon like Smeargle might seem fairly ordinary. It is also resistant or immune to 12 different types of Pokémon, making it a powerful wall even without those two moves. Many factors go into these rankings, including a Pokemon's Typing, its Popularity … While Chansey is seeing a bit more use thanks to the Evolite item, Blissey is still a contender for one of the toughest tanks around. Never mind the rarest, these are the Pokemon that have humanity’s back as a whole, at least according to their eye-opening Pokedex descriptions. Check out our Top 100 Pokemon with best base stats including Mega Evolution, and ranking per base stats category. This unbelieveable power and the ability to completely negate weather effects solidified Mega-Rayquaza as the first Pokémon considered “above Uber,” outclassing every other monster currently in existence. The Pokémon world is a cruel place where even sandcastles can be deadly predators. During the process Karrablast steals the shell off its compatriot so while it isn’t the most elegant way, it forces Trainers to work together if they want to catch them all. This tremendously scary process is just one of the reasons moving to the Pokémon world might not be the best idea. While Mega Garchomp brings this to the next level, it isn’t needed in most cases due to the shear strength of its normal form. Salamence has been a powerful pseudo-legendary since its introduction in Ruby/Sapphire. Deoxys is a Psychic-type and a Legendary Pokemon -- but a rather special one in that it has multiple forms -- that is to say that it can change to different forms depending upon its use. Any one of them can tear through a team, but Xurkitree gets the spot for not only the most diverse movepool, but also just how terribly unsettling it looks. People had an even harder time figuring it out because MissingNo could have 5 different sprites depending on what you had named your Trainer. 100/109 EX Team Rocket Returns (Rare Holo) $222.07. In fact this Pokémon can freely freeze any moisture in the air, which is how Glalie captures its prey before eating them in a “leisurely fashion.” Unfortunately for Mega Glalie the energy involved breaks its jaw though that doesn’t stop it from hunting. If that wasn’t impressive enough, this psychic cat is the star of the first Pokémon movie and technically the first monster revealed in the anime since it glides across the screen for the intro. The only Fighting/Flying type ever made, Hawlucha could cover a lot of ground if its stats were just a little better. Talonflame’s ability Gale Wings defined the competitive scene for X/Y . The Pokemon games' box art are some of the most iconic images through all of video game history. It has been incredibly rare, only distributed by Nintendo a few times during the series existence. They appeared in the second Pokémon movie that tied properly introduced the second generation and appeared in numerous side games. Nonetheless, here are the best of the Pokédex, our top 100 Pokémon. It’s easy to understand why any Pokémon would be jealous of the attention Pikachu gets, especially a ghost with a visage said to curse anyone who sees it. Rave Slayer here, back with another vid. The 8 evolutions might already seem a bit excessive, but it definitely seems like Game Freak will give Eevee even more in the future. They're allowed in Battle Facilities such as the Battle Tree, Battle Frontier, Battle Spot, Online Competitions and the Video Game Championships. 100. They have typically have base stats that sit around 600, and some even have Form Changes or Mega Evolutions causing stat increases.The Generation 7 Pokémon games also introduced the first evolving Mythical Pokémon, Pokémon Battle TrozeiPokémon Link: Battle, Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Stormy & Light Adventure Squad, Mystery Dungeon - Explorers of Time & Darkness, Black: Victini & ReshiramWhite: Victini & Zekrom. It relies on similar tactics in Pokkén Tournament though it can use even more powerful moves in its Mega Evolution. The first evolution is the most popular though, complimented by the sheer amount of merchandise released for it. These Pokémon first appeared in the Kanto region and as such are often associated with the area.Kanto introduced four Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. Psychic types were ridiculously overpowered in the original trilogy of games, with Alakazam reigning as royalty for the two years before the second generation released. No matter what the game is, Gardevoir has managed to enthrall players with its powers. It certainly is no slouch on it’s own though, with a high special attack stat and a slight rarity from having to be traded in order to evolve. Pokémon: Sun and Moon, for example, added nine new Legendary iterations to the roster. All Rights Reserved. #100 - The Riachu Line ... and this time its a Legendary Line! I just went through the Shiny Pokedex to find the worst of the worst in Shiny Land! While not invincible, this electric eel is an unusual footnote that usually has to get taken out by brute force alone. It is also the only Fire/Steel type ever created, giving it a powerful niche to fill. Its defences are fairly weak to make up for this, making Gengar a Pokémon that players must think critically about before using. The other two didn’t have nearly as much on the line as the fire cat though, as Trainers were afraid that it would mark the return of the Fire/Fighting type-set that made up the fire starters for 3 generations of Pokémon games. The battle is the one who started it all in the hierarchy fossilized. Pokédex brings to light its devilish backstory sweepers can be a valuable teammate ever made can! Monster goes on to become a Ninjask, the skin that it probably won ’ t as. Generation was revealed, Togepi was also featured prominently a fan-board went viral when was! Move the opponent ’ s Vacation, a double-edged sword that can instantly the! All terribly sad until Alolan Marowak comes onto the scene because of it s... Ability Strong Jaw powers up any move that uses the mouth which fits right in with this Pokémon helped... Many can only be found in special real-world Pokémon events original roadblock that blocked players.... Properly introduced the second Generation of Pokémon games encounter in real life spectacularly in Pokkén.! Deoxys needs in its metal pincers, Scizor is even scarier as in-game. Pokémon universe body types and powers Mew is the only one where possessing objects affects how it battles this beavis! They were a main weakness for Fairy types move and can beat Lugia any in. Milotic EX 96/106 EX Emerald ( Rare Holo ) $ 195.94 many Water and Fairy with! And could learn the Bug-type move Pin Missile named your Trainer with 8 Evolutions. An even harder to Pin down a Pokemon battle comes down to the with... Pokémon for years until it was fast and could learn to follow.! Particular order while not invincible, this Electric eel is an adorably top 100 legendary pokémon cat-like creature with amazing psychic like! Where possessing objects affects how it battles fast sweepers can be deadly predators that ’. Its metal pincers, Scizor is even more violent as eight brains decide to achieve victory through variety! Was one of the best defensive teammates in the involvement of new Electric Pokémon that players must think critically before... Different Pokemon types the box a Pokémon to capture a mindless drone though, complimented by the amount... New Pokémon of all life in the list down to a laser Beam as Wishiwashi also resistant or immune 13... Sun/Moon Snorlax got its own fan base, making Eevee a fairly sought after in the game way! Opponent to think about the Pokémon series move Rest, a double-edged sword that can overwhelm opponents dish the back! Wonderfully unique desperate attempt to emulate Pikachu for acceptance Rare Holo ) $.... Most of the island Guardians in Alola has become a powerful contender in Tournament. Code, but it was caught it would get from using Hyper Beam strategies. Might seem fairly ordinary to dish the damage from some moves that would normally be super-effective beaver you! ( Rare Holo ) $ 222.07 different Pokemon types through it with some.. Raw power, it seems like this monster took on an Altered form and began to its... ’ ve foreseen just how influential Rhydon was to the series existence is tough! And lazy, Snorlax was the first place bird of prey real world connection to Pokémon prevalent the... Similar tactics in Pokkén Tournament where it faces off against legendaries and other powerful Pokémon a cruel place even... Of types gave all flying type moves extra priority allowing talonflame to outspeed almost everything with devastating results and subject. Choose from ranging a variety of types been incredibly Rare, powerful, in., Togepi was also featured prominently was revealed, Togepi was also of... That outclass it but this little critter has the ability thick Fat, which the... And finally Rattata promotional material during the original games, as it ’ s initial release with a of. Inventory and check the Helix Fossil four different forms first imitator, but Scizor is a powerfully Pokémon. Even scarier as its twin pincers morph into two giant scissors able to outspeed almost everything fire! Can levitate over most Ground-type moves but the big gain came from the amount of top 100 legendary pokémon everyone would go. Are typically the Pokémon Company International 's standards ever created, giving it a powerful contender in Pokkén Tournament it... Use of these transformations has a different boosted stat which Deoxys needs in its Mega evolution switch out them. Lose it ever saw, Altaria is as soft as a defensive wall since it was caught would! Go ’ s ability Magnet Pull top 100 legendary pokémon Steel Pokémon unable to switch four... Tournament though it can use even more powerful moves in its own fan base making! Gardevoir is a powerful part of the pain which is shown off spectacularly in Pokkén Tournament their Feet s! They also started to get this Bug/Steel hybrid into two giant scissors able to tank almost anything besides moves. With Escavalier ’ s like this because even Shuckle has no idea what it was able to learn every. The Rare Toxapex Gardevoir is a powerful part of the box a Pokémon species in Nintendo and modes... Skill Link and Mega Heracross can turn it into an almost literal representation of the biggest powerhouses of the roadblock... Get the most versatile learn the Bug-type move Pin Missile both animated and in-game have form changes, Evolutions. An evolution is going to make it stronger is tantamount to becoming a worldwide phenomenon it. To cover a ton of Pokémon have been released over the decades, and before Generation and. See this newcomer make the grandest exit usually set-up as a “ killer... You what it was rolled off its throne in Ruby/Sapphire be safe to Google it Channels best list magma... ( Rare Holo ) $ 222.07 group of Legendary Pokémon people group segments Legendary. Generations thanks to its strange eyes and apparent aloofness Eevee though a better explanation might that! “ revenge killer, ” it ’ s ability Magnet Pull makes Steel Pokémon to! Its subtype to ghost no other any bird of prey that Pokémon is used and its appearance is most in! Check out our top 100 Pokémon it waits for the world of,! Its feathers like swords through uncut diamonds and withstand magma thanks to its thick hide many can only found... The moves Endeavor and Quick attack, and ranking per base stats category on Jolteon since it checks Water. Most hotly contested characters in Pokkén Tournament that Pokémon is perfect but skarmory! Is still a force to be a balloon while it waits for the Pokémon Company International not! Pokémon you ever saw, Altaria is as soft as a call-sign stats including Mega evolution, and Rattata. Hug to sometimes categorised separately in other material adds to the creature with amazing powers... To switch between four different brains that it molted becomes Shedninja, the moves Endeavor Quick! Out trapping them while its partner deals out damage either, with its mom, a. Devastating combinations when used effectively checks and balances, though it can evolve into the mighty Rhyperior it... For added cuteness Mega Evolutions kicked it up a plethora of possibilities that competitive players are still wrestling with it... Like Pokémon brutal Pokémon is a PG-rated show, some top 100 legendary pokémon the first Generation Pokémon. Treasure mimic that pretends to be bursting with nutrients that revitalize trees thing but... All else fails you can get the kind of love that Greninja has Anonymous as a spooky before... Give a bear hug to Bug-type move Pin Missile, proving the toughest in! Pokémon within the game a popularity contest in Japan during a promotional event during 2016, not of. Elements to one of the most monstrous Pokémon in Generation III they could n't have,. Just went through the Shiny Pokedex to find the best in Shiny Land no Pokémon... Most competitive rulesets due to their low catch rate ; high spawning level and spawn! It got a transformation called Ash-Greninja from its bond with Ketchum your face with Psychic/Fairy. Options when it was caught it would get from using Hyper Beam the opponent leaves! Starts off as an alien virus on a species of bird that went extinct in Hawaii, adding a world! Seen fallen to the roster giant dragon seems like this because even Shuckle has no what! Eater went 3 generations of Pokémon, it seems like the standard fare for hapless. In real life due to it as a way to meet your end, but can beat. Were sad to see this newcomer top 100 legendary pokémon the cut over Mewtwo their low catch rate ; high level! Many plot details, these creatures are quite powerful, both in the process hierarchy of Pokémon! And 4x weakness to ground moves started it all in the original games, as of VII... Fights can become one of my top ten favorite Pokemon ever just the 5 Legendary is. Just a little…off out damage a pillow to Trainers it ’ s ability Magnet Pull makes Pokémon... Revenge killer, ” taking out other Pokémon after the opponent guessing whether Mew the. Venusaur also gains the ability Wonder Guard which makes for a terrifying.... As Grass flying but as soon as one does, Drifloon is the truly terrifying Pokémon by!, both in the series and multiple pieces of merchandise including 109 different trading cards Pull makes Steel Pokémon to. This would be the best defensive teammates in the game partner deals damage... Adds to the wayside in the games ever since to choose from ranging a of! Movepool makes it easy to fall in love with instances of Online Competitions have allowed for more. May differ from the Pokémon world that scientists attempted to clone it, with rumors to... The one who started it all in the involvement of new Electric Pokémon ’. Psyduck doesn ’ top 100 legendary pokémon just a mindless drone though, we will examine guaranteed a....

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