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Unlike most birds it is red meat, which surprised me at first. But i loved it, Am going to try your instructable on Vetkoek Next time ! Very interesting! When you arrive with your meat and drinks, always ask where is the best place to put them. 9 years ago Turning the meat 4 times should give you well done maybe overdone meat. 8 years ago ;-), About: I love finding out how things work. Deer Jerky Rating: Unrated 104 A zesty venison jerky that you can make at home in your oven. We are big babies in South Africa when it comes to cold weather. Not quite the buck boerewors that my uncle makes, but it is still delecious.I am now very hungry. Marinades need a little time to work their magic, so, let your meat wallow overnight or for a few hours at least. How do you determine when meat is done? Reply Kudu is a very lean meat making it a great fat-free meal if you are on a diet or feel like eating healthy. Kudu can be bought in the supermarket (mostly here in South Africa) and is sold in cuts like steak. Cutting thinly this stuff is delicious. Some Balsamic Vinegar But I hope to get hold of some borewors and some buck or ostrich to do at the same time. Shisa nyama is a term used in many South African townships to describe an informal barbeque or braai where friends come together near a butchery, to grill meat … We considered driving up there to see some relatives, but after hearing it was hard to get to we drove all the way from East London to Plettenberg bay, Knysna, Ooutswaren and some other towns like that instead. Once you have finished with the Pineapple juice and Balsamic vinegar, its time for some spices. Become the flavor of the month with this basic introduction to herbs and spices. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with us doing so. on Introduction. Turn them over, add the Pineapple juice and perforate again. A bush braai is an evening meal combined with a game drive to a BBQ site and back again. Is that common at braais? Wait another 10 to 20 minutes before going on to the next step. Do not turn the meat over this time but leave them for 10 to 20 minutes. Sorry, Mutantflame, that came out wrong. You need very hot coals for the first few minutes of the "braai" to creates temperatures of above 150°C (302°F) for this "trick" to work. It absolutely just melts in your mouth. They will be thrilled not to say impressed! Try it out! Buying a braai to compliment your home can be quite the challenge, depending on how much of a devoted braai master you are. 9 years ago Remove from the pan and keep warm. I grew up in the Free State province where the temperature goes below zero. Eat it hot with the butter melting inside. You will love it. All in all you should not turn the meat more than 4 times before taking it off to enjoy. DOS. You can put anything inside depending on your personal preference. The recipes by Spice Mecca are a perfect representation of what constitutes the ideal braai. (1) Grated cheese and jam, (2) Grated cheese and marmite / oxo / bovril, (3) mince, (4) Curried Mince, (5) Honey, (6) Syrup, (5) + (6) with cheese, ... Well anything you can make a sandwich of you can put in a vetkoek. Slice across the grain, always. Tuna works well as well. Using your Weber as a smoker is a great option if you’re looking to up your braai game. (Or how to barbeque meat for the rest of us) Coriander The drive there will be in daylight and the drive back to your rest camp will be in darkness. Let it lay in yogurt for a couple of hours and then throw it on the braai (barbeque). I like reading. Cover the meat in the marinade The meat should be covered evenly with the marinade from all sides. It makes the meat just a little bit sweeter. However it only happens at temperatures of 150°C (302°F) and above and that is why the grill must be very hot. Yep, boerewors will do the trick. Cut the vetkoek in two and make an interesting burger. It was succulent, juicy and soft. This is a good way to prepare the meal if children are eating with you. Pack your Blitz or alternative first into the Braai, light the fire starter and then pack your wood around it. Usually we use wood, charcoal or briquettes to make the "braai". I cant believe I missed your post. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the meat for 1 to 1 ½ min on each side. Mind you, Its getting cold here in rainy old England, you guys are lucky with summer pretty much all year round. The only problem with ostrich here is it is really expensive. Salt Lay strips of bacon over the top to allow moisture to enter the meat. Seconds before you place the meat on the hot grill, sprinkle a few drops of Olive oil (10 to 20) over each piece of meat. Otherwise turn it over once or maximum twice more before taking it off. Dry Curing is using salt to preserve the meat, once 35% weight loss has been obtained, the meat can be consumed. The sugar, to which we have added the Pineapple juice, reacts with the amino acid in the meat, and forms a complex mixture very similar to caramelization. Step 1: Preparing the Meat: Pineapple Juice. There is a simple and easy way to do this. Be sure to stop by when passing through Otavi or make use of our free delivery service which is available in Otavi, Tsumeb, Grootfontein & … Pepper We usually do it once or twice a week, probably more. It makes an amazingly tasty meal when prepared and cooked correctly. If you are making an instructable on ostrich, make sure to send me the leftovers (if there is any)!Z. Some Pineapple juice Step 5: Take half an onion, peeled and rub the grid with the onion, put the onion on the side for munching on later. Add some salt, pepper (or black pepper), coriander and other spices to suite your taste. It is however not easy to get there. By sal. First on one side, then flip the meat over quickly and do the other side. Stephenniall, Vetkoek is brilliant! shteef, buddy, thats the way to do it! It took 35 days for this ‘b… Read this for a friend, Who's african + I'm having over for a BBQ tomorrow.. (Didn't want to dissapoint him with out english 'burgers & sausages') Great Instructable! on Introduction, Dang, I miss South Africa. Although I prefer my meat medium to medium rare I prepared this cut to be medium to well done. If you are in the bush, rub the steak with a little salt and pepper, cook it to a maximum of medium rare on an open flame, and enjoy. We stock a delicious selection of premium game meat including: Beef Meat; Game Meat; Biltong, Droewors & Chilli Bites; Braai Meat; and more! In the case of charcoal and briquettes, wait until all the flames have died down and a fine layer of gray ash has formed on them. For this purpose, we advise you to put the marinated meat into a zip-lock bag and flip the bag after marinating for half the time needed. I personally think that it tastes better than beef. Even if they continue for 10 to 20 seconds, leave the meat alone. Welcome to Benguella Butchery Our Promise Quality Meat Our Promise Find out more We guarantee you excellent quality meat products at competitive prices, from our family to your home and your business, be it buying in bulk for wholesale or retail. Professional Chef Graham Brown shows how easy it is to grill the perfect venison steak on the barbecue. In this Instructable, I am going to show you how, with a little preparation and some scientific genius, you can "braai" like an expert and serve up the most succulent meat.What you will need: What you need: Aside from briquettes and firelighters all you really need to turn your Weber into a … Here are the average minimum and maximum temperatures during summer and winter for some cities as supplied by the weather service. A good braai will have a huge selection of meat, with an abundance of sides. I meant that we do not get as cold as the UK. Fork Combine all the marinade ingredients in a deep bowl. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t blacken, pulling it away from the heat a little if necessary. Here are a couple of recommended ways to cook it. Another way is to use a big bowl covered with cellophane, stirring the meat halfway through the marinating time. Pork is a thin, lean meat that cooks fairly quickly and can dry out as quickly. I will do! Remove, shake off excess marinade and braai over medium to hot coals until just shy of medium. Try it yourself, you will not be disappointed. Place a slice of ham and a sage leaf on each slice of veal and secure with a cocktail stick. Just do it! Now go out there and impress you friend and family with your new found cooking skills. Dish on Introduction. However, when South Africa receives snow its big news. Another braai tradition is ‘braaibroodjie’ – a grilled sandwich filled with meat from the braai as well as salad, cheese and sweet chutney. The onion cleans your grill and gives the meat a delicious flavour. Place bag in fridge for 12 – 48 hours and turn every few hours if you find that the top part of the meat is not covered by marinade. This is actually applicable to any cooking situation. (Draken - meaning dragon and berg meaning mountain(s), so Dragon mountains or Mountains of the Dragon(s) would be a correct translation. 6 years ago Try to pack smaller pieces and then gradually pack larger pieces ontop. the spices your heart desires. 8 years ago Here are some simple marinades to up the ante on your braai: Rump steaks in beer marinade – Beer and spices to drown your steaks in. Season the sirloin by rubbing it with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and melted coconut oil. With so much emphasis on the main attraction — meat — side dishes can often feel like a bit of an afterthought at a braai. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This is a great warm wintertime alternative to the braai. Some people say that you can marinate the meat in Coke with spices, but if you choose to do this, it will turn to ground beef if left in there for more than a couple of hours. We usually do it once or twice a week, probably… Read More »Simple Way to Make Perfect Braai meat This reaction is named after chemist Louis-Camille Maillard, who first described it in the 1910s while attempting to reproduce biological protein synthesis. Chefs Secret Tip: When you use lemon/lime juice sprinkle some brown sugar on the meat as well, that also provides that "sweetness". Did you make this project? Then add 5 to 10 drops of Pineapple juice onto each piece of meat and perforate them again. If you have a food dehydrator, you can dry the jerky in it by following the manufacturer's instructions. If you have more time, rub the spices into the meat with your fingers to make them penetrate more deeply.Tip: You can sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar over the meat so make it taste irresistible as I will explain later. Before starting wash your hands, the work area, the dish and fork. I am interested in how you handle large pieces of meat, aside from cutting them into smaller pieces for quick cooking. An alternative to yogurt bath is marinating the steaks for a minimum of 24 hours in a wine based marine with all the spices your heart desires. Here’s how to get that awesome smokiness, tender meat and a rich flavour that’s difficult to beat. Be careful not to overpower the flavor with too much garlic or salt. Place the meat in the dish and perforate it with the fork on both sides. Now taking into consideration the amount of wood that one has sit back and social. This step is not essential but it does add a nice flavor to the meat. When I was there in July/August everyone was shivering but it was nearly as hot as summer is here in England. By doing this, you can get precision curing, and choose the salt level. Spices and herbs, other than the meat itself, are the fundamental building blocks of any good brazil. Do not turn the meat over this time but leave them for 10 to 20 minutes. Let it lay in yogurt for a couple of hours and then throw it on the braai (barbeque). I like helping others and will normally go out of my way to do so, otherwise I am just your regular J…. Neatly arrange the fire lighter in the center of the braai area. If you think Kudu is taste please click “like” above or leave a comment or recipe below. Howzit, Mutantflame! on Introduction. Carefully light the firelighter, and gradually add thicker pieces of wood. The blog is . Shisa nyama. Improvise, it what cooking is all about. Now quickly place the pieces of meat on a very hot grill, oil side at the bottom. Rub the meat with the rosemary and thyme sprigs. What a fantastic instuctable. Wrap the streaky bacon around the kudu meat and secure with a toothpick. Prepare a good bed of hot coals for your braai. The more you turn the meat over the tougher and dryer it becomes because juices cook out of it. However it is really really mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so it is well worth it... And don't get me started on ostrich biltong!We are lucky, though, to have a South African butcher near to where I live, which means that we can get these great meats and boerewors. Kudu is often said to be the best tasting game meat in the world and there is plenty available running wild in South Africa. Best Time to Visit South Africa – And What to Do. The yogurt will help take away some of the overpowering gamey flavors that put some people off and instead make the flavor softer. Unless you are being hosted, be courteous and ask the braai master/ host what you can bring. It is poultry but the cuts look and taste like fillet if prepared correctly. Get everything together and lets start. Hi epicrey, you're welcome. If you are looking for a full recipe with measurements, you can find that here. Simple, tasty way to enjoy that game meat. Here are some ideas on how to cook it and make sure to note that we have links to more exact recipes down below. The day you find some pineapple juice, get some. Basically we went from East London to almost all the way to Cape town and back. Since flavor mostly sits in the fats of meat, make sure that the bacon is not a super fatty variety and pass off the … General hygiene rules apply when working with food. We think 5 degrees is very cold. The braai is probably one of South Africa’s most traditional meals. The best way is if you can get it done by only turning the meat once or twice before taking it off the grill. In one day, if I recall correctly, we had ostrich fillet for lunch (yum), rode on an ostrich at one of those tourist farms (awesome), ate ostrich biltong on the way back to where we were staying, and had ostrich burger and something-wors for supper (yumyum). 4 years ago. Now add the smaller pieces of wood on top of the firelighter. Be careful not to overpower the flavor with too much garlic or salt. Finally, Kudu is also great in a casserole-like dish to make a stew which is known as Römertopf. You learn something new every day, I suppose! The flames might rush up briefly but that is fine. If you are using some other method like a hot rock, gas or electrical "braai" unit, just make sure you heat it up to slightly above 150°C (302°F) before putting on the prepared meat and you should be fine. Use a Ax to chop some smaller pieces of wood to get started. You will have people coming back again and again. When you hold you open hand, palm down an inch or two (2 to 4 cm) above the grill, it should become uncomfortably hot within 5 to 8 seconds. Place the meat on the grill, wait until you see quite a lot off juice collect on top, then turn it over. Some red meat, preferably rump, fillet or sirloin. Suspend the braai grid over this (a tripod or a brick under each corner of the grid should do the trick). Place on the grid, fat side down and at least 15cm above the coals for a good 10 minutes to render the fat. Then add 5 to 10 drops of Pineapple juice onto each piece of meat and perforate them again. The fact that the word “vleis (meat)” is part of it must not be … on Introduction. In other words, mastering the art of braaing could come in very handy. The purpose of the Olive oil is to briefly cause the coals to flame up chasing the temperature above 150°C for 10 to 30 seconds. It does not have to have flames, although they do help. After the Pineapple juice, do the same with some Balsamic vinegar. Steak is by far the easiest thing to mess up on the braai: if you’re not careful, before you know it, you’ll have a charred, chewy piece of meat. Lay strips of bacon over the top to allow moisture to enter the meat. Share it with us! You are welcome to use it on your website. Rest the meat a few minutes before slicing. What we want is the Maillard reaction to happen. You will love it and want to prepare all your meat like this from now on. Chop up winter vegetables like carrots and potatoes, and cut up the steak into bite-size pieces. Yummy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies. It actually means to roast over coals and comes from the word braaivleis. Use a fire lighter and break into smaller pieces. It is very important to rest the meat for a period of time to allow all the juices to evenly distribute throughout the meat. Place the meat in the dish and perforate it with the fork on both sides. A Römertopf is a Dutch word for a type of clay pot used for cooking (see picture). Lime / lemon juice work just as well, I have used it a few times. Other Spices I think I will make an instructable on that. Grills of Japan has the solution as you can braai on their range of Hibachi or Konro table top grills making it easier to be part of the Heritage Day/Braai day festivities. Apart from the braai itself, you will need to ensure that you have the right tools and accessories, along with the meat (of course) to make it a success. Whether you’re after the perfect braai for your meat or vegetables, nothing beats an outdoor braai, however if live in a flat or small apartment, this braai day could be a bit of a challenge. and ostich is mmmmmmmmmm "lekker"! It's a chance to get your friends and/or family together, sip some wine or down a couple of cold ones. When researching recipes and meat braai ideas, you can adjust everything for braai'ing (forget the oven or pan). To "braai" or barbeque (Bar-B-Q) meat is a South African tradition. Occasionally add some more pieces to the fire. Take the meat of the grill, allow it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes but enjoy it while it is still warm at least. Getting back to food, ostrich is very tasty, very healthy and unbeatable when it comes to impressing your friends. Searing the meat and sealing the juices and flavor inside while at the same time causing the Maillard reaction on the outside. They're at their best when marinated, basted, and seasoned. Jamie Oliver here we come! Add some olive oil to the potjie, add the meat and seal it (ensuring all sides are browned) Remove the meat and then brown the onions Replace the meat and cover with the stock and red wine Let this simmer for 1 hour Place the parsley in the mix and then layer with potatoes, carrots and green beans Simmer for 1 … Braai meat. City Summer:Max Min Winter:Max Min Cape Town 26 16 18 7 Bloemfontein 31 15 17 -2 Johannesburg 26 15 17 4 Pretoria 29 18 20 5 Durban 28 21 23 11 Pietersburg 28 17 20 4 We do get snow on the Drakenberg mountain nearly all year round. A very handy trick with the hand too. Since flavor mostly sits in the fats of meat, make sure that the bacon is not a super fatty variety and pass off the taste of pork to the dish and overwhelm the game taste. Some people say that you can marinate the meat in Coke with spices, but if you choose to do this, it will turn to ground beef if left in there for more than a couple of hours. Probably the only thing that will prevent a South African from having a braai is a rugby game, in which case they will probably simply braai before or after the game! i read this yesterday and bought and cooked a nice bit of rump on the "braai" today and it was fantastic! Römertopf cooking keeps the nutrients and (importantly) the juices in the dish. I remember when flying from Joberg to East London we saw quite a lot of snow on the Drakensberg (did I spell that right?). Kudu is a very dry meat, so cooking it has to be done with some care or it can get tough and difficult to eat. Up your steak braai game with these super simple and little known tips from some of South Africa’s expert magazine chefs. -- cooked very slowly over a wood fire. On a braai grid you’ll typically find anything from chicken and seafood, to wild boar sausages and ostrich burgers. I got rump. When juice collects on top again you can check it for doneness as explained in the next step. It is practised by all cultures in South Africa, and as often as possible! It’s dried meat like jerky or biltong but using Italian craft skills for a more refined product. Start by learning how to start a fire whether it be wood or coal and move on to selecting the meat/other meal you are planning to braai … The renowned braai (or barbecue) of South Africa is about the people who enjoy this great tradition where the men cluster around the fire, nursing the coals to a perfect grey and then cooking the meat, boerwors and chicken to perfection. I have a blog on US barbecue -- whole hogs, pork shoulders beef briskets, pork ribs, etc. Place the bacon-wrapped kudu meat in the marinade and leave overnight in the fridge. I had a braai on Monday, I don't like Pineapple, Or pepper, Or vinegar for that fact. Your "fire" should then be ready to "braai". I have learned a technique called equilbrium curing,you measure the salt content as a percentage of the meat weight. Here are our favorite braai recipes and accompaniments to the great meat normally found at braais. takeoza, I think those temperatures are about right for what is was when I was there last.I never knew that the Drakenberg mountains were named after dragons- but then again I never really looked into it. Ok, I would agree with you that 5 degrees is cold, but when we were there the temperature was hitting 20 most days. Reply This is a brilliant instructable, would you mind If I repost on my website ( Im looking to add a Braai related how too section. Do not turn the meat over too often on the grill. I love the Internet for its vast amount of information. This is going to cause a wonderful chemical reaction which, along with the Pineapple juice, is going to make the meat taste absolutely wonderful. I am very sure you will impress us. Here are some smaller chunks from my DIY Curing Chamber. Thanks for taking the time to read the Instructable and trying it out yourself because thats what its all about. A braai is a social event which is casual and laid-back, where family and friends share a traditional outdoor cooking experience. You guys sure know how to eat ! It’s like going on a sunset drive (without the dinner) where you’re out in a safari vehicle, you get to see the sun set and then carry on driving at night with the chance to see nocturnal animals. Wait until the fire you have made has formed coals. I think I would agree with you on that- It is delecious and apparently it is something like 40% more lean than beef or something. 100 ml meat stock 30 ml butter Season the meat with salt and pepper and dust lightly with flour. Such great food, and people tooYumyumyumyumyumyum5 stars, Reply The word braai, which comes from the Dutch braden, meaning ‘to grill’, is an abbreviation of braaivleis meaning ‘grilled meat’. Just did my best to duplicate the recipe, didn't have any pineapple juice so used lime juice, I have to say it worked perfectly, absolutely wonderful.I will never bar-be-que again, it's Braais all the way from now on!! Take it off when the doneness suits your taste. that will be very useful in future :) Thanks a bunch. A braai is a very sociable event in South Africa but it is also a common way of simply cooking a meal. Pour the wine and stock into the pan and reduce by half. Thanks for reading the 'ble now go try it and give me some feedback. This reaction is the basis of the flavoring industry.

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